Hawaiian body-mapping is a system of healing.

This book contains

  • Many explanations and a series of charts created to help use the body-mapping techniques.  
  • Many Lomi Lomi beginning techniqes
  • Meditations that help heal yourself and others.
  • Lessons in Ho 'Oponopono a Hawaiian forgiveness process.
  • Lessons in vision improvement
  • Lessons for helping develop your intuitive healing abilites

Coming Soon !

      Coryn Has an herbal website too!  


                              The Herbs are for intestinal cleansing.......


Books , Videos & Herbal Products

Lomi Lomi  Instructional Video's  with Workbooks

The Lomi Lomi instructional video's are underway.  

The video's contain Lomi Lomi techniques:

  • back of body back, arms and legs
  • front of body / arms torso and legs
  • neck on the front and back of body
  • passive joint movement
  • infertility, pregnancy, pre & post labor Lomi Lomi
  • floor Lomi Lomi
  • Chair Lomi Lomi
  • Each video will be outlined with it's own full color workbook with note taking areas throughout.