Ka Lani Aka Nui  is Coryn's personal style of LomiLomi, which is Hawaiian massage encompasses the combined and shared knowledge of six different Hawaiian families.  Ka Lani Aka Nui Describes this style and translates to "Great reflection of heaven". Session are usually one and a half hours. 

Coryn has been a Holistic Health Practitioner, herbalist, Touch for health instructor, shiatsu instructor and Lomi Lomi instructor since 1983.  Coryn is also a Reiki master, since l985. Coryn has taught at Several massage schools and she is currently available for Lomi Lomi workshops.

Traditional Hawaiian massage is called Lomi Lomi.

Coryn began her study with Lomi Lomi in 1981 with her first instructor Abraham Kawaii.  Lomi Lomi means to knead or massage with loving hands. Hawaiian Lomi Lomi is massage from the heart.  God's love is invited to fill the practitioner's heart with healing love.  As this healing energy  fills the practitioner it is passed on to the client.  

The practitioner directs the energy to the clients problem areas.  Lomi Lomi can work on many levels at once. Old and new injuries with their aches and pains as well as emotional losses and stress, are all addressed and improved upon greatly  with Lomi Lomi.

Lomi Lomi was first practiced on Hawaiian Royalty for health purposes.  Later this bodywork was shared within each Hawaiian family and travelers received this great gift as well.

This massage was even written about in the log of a famous sea traveler "Captain Cook".  Although he mistakenly called it Romi.  At the time this style of healing was orally shared among chosen family members to help the health of their own.  Until around the mid 1970's this healing method seldom was passed beyond Hawaiian's themselves.   Since the mid seventies people like Aunty Margaret, Abraham Kawaii came forward and taught anyone who wanted to learn.  This was a great gift to me.  

For hundreds of years,  Lomi Lomi

has been used along with these methods for healing: both the practitioner and client. Traditionally One and a half - three hour sessions  include: 

  • Begin with connection of practitioner to spirit and to the client
  • When called for the taking of herbs internal and external herbal applications
  • Steam Baths
  • Juicing 
  • Fermented food elixers 
  • Fasting / intestional cleansing
  • Sea water fasting
  • Hot rocks
  • Shells
  • Clay/charcoal
  • Herbal towels

Some common benefits of Lomi Lomi are:

  • ‚ÄčPeaceful well being
  • Balancing of Blood pressure
  • Toxin elimination from muscles and organs
  • Breaks up scare tissue 
  • Release of  old and new injuries and pain patterns
  • Lets go of stress
  • renewed outlook on life
  • Physical mental emotional and situational well-being.

The energy of the mountains, valley and crest of the wave; is a good way to describe the feeling while receiving Lomi Lomi

What is Lomi Lomi